Used Auto Parts and Auto Salvage - A Green Alternative

Save money and environmental costs with used parts!

By Ben Silver - April 3, 2019

The Importance of Recycling and Reuse
We live in a quickly changing society and one of the changes that we're facing is the scarcity of resources.  While some of our brightest scientists work to aid in producing sustainable products and processes, we're at a juncture where citizens need to pitch in as well.  The ability to reuse any product, as an alternative to manufacturing a new one, is one of the ways we can save resources.  Too many products that prevail in America today are "single use" items that are easily discarded without regard to where they're ending up.  Think about plastic bags, take out boxes, etc., even for these products to be recycled, they need to be transformed through a manufacturing process.

Recycled Auto Parts
Some folks may not realize when they get in a fender bender or have an engine fail, that used auto parts or recycled auto parts are available and provide a sustainable alternative to New OEM auto parts, remanufactured auto parts, or aftermarket parts.  All of these commonly utilized types of auto parts use extensive resources in manufacturing and distribution.  

A Sustainable Process
Recycled Auto Parts, Used Auto Parts, or Auto Salvage are all terms for the same type of product.  These auto parts are proliferated through the simplest recycling process you can imagine to be provided to local and national customers.  These vehicles are procured from auto auctions that house and distribute wrecked vehicles, then towed into salvage yards, and finally processed for sale.  We take care to remove any hazardous materials from the salvage vehicles, like oils, gasoline, anti-freeze, etc., and recycle every drop of it.  Next, we remove the engine and transmission so they're quickly available to our customers and place the vehicle in our salvage yard where the other parts are removed when sold.  You can see, this process uses limited resources to provide a similar product that had to be manufactured from scratch.

The Bottom Line
The beauty of used products isn't just that they use fewer resources, they also save you a ton of money.  Since we don't have the high cost of manufacturing new products, we can offer our used parts at a fraction of the cost of New OEM auto parts.  All of our used auto parts carry a strong warranty and we offer even higher levels of warranty protection for an additional cost.  So, even when purchasing a used product for your vehicle, you can rest easy that it will be highly functional and warranted.  So, the next time your vehicle is in the shop or needs parts, you can call us and we'll help you get the right part and save you a ton of money.  Or, just request recycled parts options from the dealership or shop that's looking at your car or truck.  At the very least, evaluate this alternative to save some money and help us all usher in an era of recycling and sustainability for the future.

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