Purchasing New Auto Parts in our Online Store

Check Out Our Great New Parts Store Online

By Ben Silver - March 29, 2017

New Auto Parts Options

Central Auto Parts has been a quality provider of used automotive parts in the Denver Metro Area for nearly 40 years.  Over this period of time, so much has happened and changed in the world of used and new auto parts.  These developments and changes in the markets for used auto parts and auto salvage have prompted changes within our organization.  Each and every year more and more new auto parts are imported to fill the needs of consumers seeking a low cost alternative to new OEM parts or used auto parts.  These auto parts that are used as an alternative are called “Aftermarket Auto Parts”.  This means that they are manufactured by companies that are not the OEM manufacture (i.e. Ford, Nissan, Toyota, etc..) but built to the same specs to fit the same as OEM new parts.  Our online store for new auto parts is packed with both aftermarket auto parts and some of the same products that are used originally in the vehicle manufacturing process

How to Search New Parts in the Online Store

We have built an amazing aftermarket and new parts store right into our website.  It operates on the same platform as our used auto parts store and are side by side.  In it’s current configuration, you need to first select the “SEARCH USED AUTO PARTS” button from our home page which directs you to this URL http://usedautopartsdenver.co/search-used-parts.  From here you just select the “New Parts Catalogue” to begin your aftermarket or new auto parts search.  There are hundreds of thousands of auto parts in the catalogue and the prices are very competitive.  You can simply add the parts you need to your cart and checkout.

What is Available in the Online Store

There are literally so many auto parts available in our new auto parts store, there is not room to list them all on this blog.  You can source auto parts like belts, tensioners, switches, lamps, relays, hoses, sensors, gasket sets, bearings, and the list could go on and on.  Many of these part types aren't available from used auto parts suppliers, so this helps us fill our customer needs with a wider range of auto parts options.  Since I don’t want to write blog that is 25 pages of different auto parts listed out, I’d suggest you just check it out and see for yourself where you can save big money on anything and everything for your next auto parts repair project.


Letter to Automotive Salvage Yards in Colorado

Automotive Recycling in Colorado and The CAR Opportunity

By Ben Silver - March 16, 2017

The Community

The Automotive Salvage Industry is not becoming more forgiving and easier to operate in.  Every year seems to bring about another round of facility closures due to retirement, land sales, and just plain competition.  These members of our community are closing their doors, some willingly, but many due to constraints that have reduced the profitability of their business.  For many of us, this is a sign.  It’s a sign that constant improvement and evaluation of our operations will be necessary to continue down a path of profitability.  It’s also a sign that our community is growing smaller with every year, and it’s more important than ever to strengthen the bonds within our community. We must continue to work and stand together to project a loud voice in support of our industry and all the good that we do.  CAR is that voice.  It is your voice.  CAR is the culmination of our business community, legislative lobby, and administrative action that moves our industry in a positive direction.  And CAR is the only entity in the state of Colorado that works and will continue to work for the benefit of your business and all recyclers in this community.  Whether we’re fighting to eliminate a bill that will increase your costs, or working to improve communications and trade amongst our members, we’re doing it in your interest.  If you are a current member, thank you for standing with us and supporting your community.  If you are not a member, please consider joining the fight for this great industry.  With each closure, CAR loses a % of our revenue from dues.  In order for CAR to remain strong, we need as many salvage yards in Colorado to join our community as possible.  To reach its ultimate potential, CAR would need every salvage yard in the state to become a member and support our industry locally.  Make today the day that you join CAR and add your voice to the community in support of our association.



The State of Colorado is booming, and job growth in the last three years is at the highest rate in our state since the 90’s (1).  Our GDP, which is an indicator of our economy, grew at the 4th fastest rate in the nation in 2016, and it’s expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future (2).  While this growth has reduced unemployment in our state and created some challenges in hiring, it has also created many opportunities.  If you live in or near any city center in the state of Colorado, you know population growth is a very real thing in our great state.  In fact, Colorado is also the 4th fastest growing state by population migration %, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (3).  This influx of people and traffic, has created many additional collisions, vehicle repairs, and salvage vehicles.  So not only do we have increased demand for our product, but we should also be seeing more vehicles running through our auctions.  This supply increase can have positive effect on your business if you take advantage of the opportunities.  Some people may come to Colorado for the legal weed, but they stay for the sunshine, seasons, and unbelievable outdoor recreation, among other things.  The secret is out on our amazing state, and additional growth and migration are very likely going to be a continued trend.  CAR is there to work with salvage yards as they scale up their operations, get compliant with regulations, and build relationships within the association and industry.


Business is Social

At the heart of our businesses and industry, there are people and relationships.  Building bridges between our companies has never been more important.  When technology is advancing quickly and our economy is growing, it’s not too hard to fall behind.  The CAR community is an amazing place to forge business relationships that create synergy between our businesses and foster great ideas.  You can’t source information like this from the internet.  You gather it through working and conversing with companies that face the same challenges, constraints, and opportunities that you do.  CAR has hosted a number of social events and meetings that allow members to meet and exchange information on processes, vendors, and systems that have helped them grow and have increased their success.  In just the last two years, CAR has brought in nationally recognized motivational speakers, industry experts, and yard managers that have experienced explosive growth in revenue and profits to speak to our community.  Whether you are a member or not, you need to make it to these events to learn from these resources and engage with like-minded automotive salvage professionals.  The value in these meetings and relationships is difficult to quantify, but they most certainly can be beneficial if you’re willing to participate and are eager to learn.

 Let’s all work together to make this the most productive and rewarding year for our association, community, and businesses.  The opportunities are right in front of us, the community is there to support us, and we’re only limited by our willingness to take advantage of them.



Auto Salvage - What's in a Salvage Vehicle?

What is recyclable from salvage vehicle?

By Ben Silver - February 15, 2017

Many of my blogs are relative to the auto parts that we sell back to the general public.  Obviously, these parts get reused, which is the ultimate form of recycling.  These auto parts require little processing or “manufacturing” compared to new or aftermarket auto parts.  For this blog, I wanted to focus on the products, pieces, and parts that don’t make it directly back the end customer.  These auto parts and recyclable materials still get reused or recycled, but they’re not the “meat and potatoes” of processing auto salvage.  Here’s a breakdown of what else gets processed from auto salvage vehicles.


Everyone knows that there are many fluids that are necessary to make your vehicle go.  Engines require oil, gas, and anti-freeze.  Transmissions require a specialized oil to ensure that the gears are lubricated.  The list goes on and on.  Used gasoline is found in 90% of auto salvage.  At our facility, we reuse this gasoline in our delivery trucks and yard vehicles.  Our goal is to reuse all of the gasoline we produce at our salvage yard.  We’re able to accomplish this with ease.  Other facilities processing auto salvage may choose to resell there gasoline to companies that clean and reprocess it.  Engine and transmission oil is drained and captured from all of the auto salvage that we process.  This used oil is sold to companies to consolidate it and sell it to processors or refiners to recycle it.  Anti-freeze can be reused after it goes through a filtration process.  Some salvage yards choose to process anti-freeze on-site and sell it back to there customers.  Once we extract anti-freeze from our auto salvage cars and trucks we store it and sell it to a 3rd party processor.  All of these major fluids are recycled and reused for one thing or another.

Core Products for Remanufacture

Most auto salvage will have many “core parts”, which are parts that remanufacture’s rebuild and resell.  Some common “core parts” are starters, alternators, compressors, and power steering pumps.  You’ll see this products at new parts stores branded by the store itself.  Those products originally came out of auto salvage cars and trucks, were sold to rebuilder’s or remanufacturers and the bad components were replaced, they were cleaned up, and now are ready for your vehicle.

Catalytic Converters

Also called “cats”, these are the parts on your exhaust system that clean and scrub the exhaust from your vehicle before it leaves the vehicle and goes into our precious air.  They contain Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, which are precious metals.  The “cats” are removed and resold to consolidators or “decanners” who remove the precious metals and resell it on the metals market for reuse.


After you process a salvage car or truck, remove the parts you need for resale, remove the fluids, then your left with the residual metal shell.  These shells are purchased by metal recycling companies, crushed down, shredded, and then separated into the different types of salvage metals for resale.  There is mostly steel and aluminum, but traces of iron, copper and other metals are found in auto salvage.

So, that’s the crash course on auto salvage by products and recyclable materials that are recycled and reused.  As you can see, auto salvage is a very environmentally friendly business that is properly disposing of and recycling wrecked cars and trucks.

Ben Silver is the CEO of Central Auto Parts and acting President of the Colorado Automotive Recyclers.  When he's not "auto blogging" or pushing Central Auto Parts to new heights, he's chasing his young daughter around the house or tying flies for the next great fishing adventure.


Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association - Annual Meeting and Events

CAR Annual Meeting

By Ben Silver - January 25, 2017

Salvage yards and used auto parts distributors from all across Colorado will gather this weekend for our Annual Meeting, January 27-28.  As the President of CAR, I wanted to post a blog with information about our association and meeting.

This year, we will hold our meeting at The Norris Penrose Event Center in Colorado Springs.  We are hoping all the salvage yards that are CAR Member s will be in attendance.  Auto salvage yards from Denver and the surrounding metro area will travel south to converge the all the auto salvage businesses in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the surrounding southern areas of Colorado.

There will be social events on both Friday and Saturday night so that salvage yard owners can network, share ideas, and create beneficial business relationships.  Owning and operating a used auto parts business is a different animal and these meetings and functions are an opportunity to learn industry specific systems of management and operations.  The meeting will be held Saturday from 8am - 5pm and will feature DJ Harrington.  DJ’s sessions are both informational and motivational and will help provide insights for CAR members to push forward with into the new year.  Used auto parts sales and automotive salvage can be challenging, but events like this can help you understand how to take your salvage yard to the next level.

The meeting will also feature a trade show with some of the best vendors in the country.  We were fortunate to have a great group of sponsors and vendors support the meeting this year.  Salvage yards utilize many different software systems, core auto parts purchasers, and equipment.  All of these industry vendors will be represented and salvage yard representatives are urged to network with vendors and find companies to help them thrive.

Salvage Yards, Used Auto Parts Distributors, New Auto Parts Sellers, Auto Salvage Companies, and even Junkyards are welcome to come and learn all they can at our annual meeting.  We hope to see you there and thank you from the Colorado Automotive Recyclers!

Ben Silver

Central Auto Parts - CEO/Owner

Colorado Automotive Recyclers - President


Minor Wreck? We Got The Auto Parts!

Save money with used auto parts after a winter collision.

By Ben Silver - January 18, 2017

It’s winter in Colorado and we’ve had a number of snowy days and hairy commutes.  Certainly we’ve all seen a car accident or two, and possibly were even involved in one.  Many of these accidents are minor and may not warrant an insurance claim.  If the damage isn’t too bad, used auto parts and a little elbow grease might be just what the doctor ordered to get your car back on the road.

To Claim or Not to Claim

Obviously, this is a question for you as individual.  Does the damage to the vehicle cost more than the deductible?  Do you want to make a claim and incur higher rates next year? Consider your options before making a decision a quick call to Central Auto Parts to find out the cost of the used parts, can help give you a barometer for taking some “DIY” action.

Evaluate the Repair

You should do a little research online to find out what the repair is going to take.  Replacing a headlight or fender can be far different from one vehicle to the next.  Getting an idea of the complexity of the repair based on your specific vehicle should be your first step.  If changing out the damaged part for a quality used part seems to difficult for your skill level, probably better to not pursue it unless you can get help from a skilled friend.  YouTube has amazing videos to guide you through a lot of the repairs you may encounter.  Dealerships may also have resources and documents to guide you.

Used Parts Availability

We have tons (literally) of parts available at our 6.5 acre facility.  Most off the collision parts that you may need for a “DIY” repair are as follows:

Car Doors

Front Fenders





Radiator Supports




Suspension Parts

Obviously, there are many used auto parts that you may seek after a collision.  Some may not be on this list, so just give us a call and one of our courteous and professional sales people would be happy to assist you.

Ben Silver is the CEO of Central Auto Parts and acting President of the Colorado Automotive Recyclers.  When he's not "auto blogging" or pushing Central Auto Parts to new heights, he's chasing his young daughter around the house or tying flies for the next great fishing adventure.