Remanufactured Transmissions Available Now!

Central Auto Parts is Now Offering a Huge Selection of Reman Transmissions!

By Ben Silver - July 10, 2019

Central Auto Parts has teamed up with one of the Nation's largest and most reliable transmission remanufacturers.  

Our reman transmissions will make your installation a breeze! Every remanufactured transmission we sell will come with the correct fluid in the correct quanitty, and installation guide, and an industry leading warranty.  

Product Warranty Details -

Personal: 36 Months/Unlimited Miles
Commercial: 18 Months/100,000 Miles

Our “No Hassle Warranty” is VIN based and you’re automatically enrolled, so once your order has been placed, you’re all set.

What does “No Hassle” mean?

  • Transferable – The warranty is attached to the VIN and fully transferable with vehicle ownership; no fees or paperwork involved.
  • Nationwide Coverage – Your customers are covered anywhere (and everywhere) in the continental United States.
  • Instant Replacement – We send out a replacement transmission as soon as a warranty claim is submitted so your customer is back on the road as quickly as possible.
  • Paid Parts & Labor – For warranty work done in a certified shop, we pay parts and labor. *
Call our professional sales staff now to search for the right transmission for your vehicle and repair situation.  We can quote you used transmissions, reman transmissions, or both on the same quote!

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Reasons to Buy Used Auto Parts from Central Auto Parts

By Ben Silver - July 10, 2019

Central Auto Parts is a great option for anyone looking to save money on used auto parts, search online for used auto parts, and use our blogs to gather information about salvage yards and automotive recycling.  You can order auto parts online, or just start your search here and contact our auto parts professionals to help you with your sale.

Here are some reasons to consider buying used auto parts from Central Auto Parts…

1. Low Prices and Big Savings - Central Auto Parts systematically re-prices inventory to make sure our customers are getting the best possible price for a particular auto part.  Generally, when purchasing a used auto parts from us, you’ll save 60%-70% vs a brand new part from the dealer.

2. Huge Auto Parts Inventory - We're constantly and consistently purchasing salvage vehicles to increase our inventory of used auto parts.  We want to keep it local and be able to provide our customers used parts from our local inventory whenever possible.  If we don’t have it locally, we’re connected to a vast network of salvage yards and used auto parts providers.  We can get you the auto part you need, and get it as soon as possible.

3. Top Quality - Professional recyclers like Central have systems of quality control, inventory management, and parts washing in place to reduce damaged parts, inventory issues, and filthy used auto parts.  We aim to provide clean, quality used auto parts on every order.  We serve automotive professionals like garages and body shops, as well as retail consumers.

4. Great Warranties - Professional Salvage Yards will carry a warranty of at least 90 days on their mechanical parts like engines and transmissions.  At Central, we go above and beyond offering from 1 Year all the way to Lifetime Warranties.  We can also provide labor warranties to insure your investment in your vehicle.

5. Clean, Comfortable Office - At Central, we take pride in our facility and make sure that customers are comfortable in our well-lit, clean, sales office.  This is not your average grimy, greasy used parts office.  We have a sofa and Kuerig Coffee so you’re comfortable should you need to wait a bit. 

6. Late Model Salvage Yard - Some recyclers aren’t purchasing the newer vehicles due to their high cost.  But most of the vehicles on the road are roughly 10-11 years old.  So we try to purchase auto salvage and sell used auto parts that fall into this year range.  This allows us to sell the auto parts that you need.

7. We’re a Green Company - Central goes above and beyond the recommended requirements by government agencies to ensure we're not releasing pollutants into the environment.  We utilize equipment that recycles our wash bay water to reduce our water usage and create ZERO drainage of oils or solvents from our wash bay into the environment.  We take care to drain oils and fluids from our engines and transmissions before they’re dismantled.  This ensures a clean product and full capture of the fluids.

8. Professional and Trained Sales Staff - We train our sales staff for 12 weeks before there ready to serve and sell to our commercial customers.  We utilize a rigorous training program to ensure that our people are prepared to help customers in an attentive and courteous manner.

We're proud to be Denver's Leader in Auto Recycling and a provider of clean, quality, used auto parts. These are just a few of the reasons why we believe you’ll be satisfied with the used auto parts and service when shopping with us.  Hope to see you in the office or hear from you soon!

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Recycled Engines - Great Quality and Value

How to purchased used engines and what to look for.

By Ben Silver - May 15, 2019

Used Engines & Recycled Engines

Central Auto Parts has a huge selection of used engines at our Denver location.  Like most used auto parts, recycled engines are sold at a huge discount vs new or remanufactured parts.  And there is no lack of quality in recycled engines either, which have a defect rate that is very similar to new and remanufactured engines.

Quality You've Come to Expect

At Central, we ensure quality through testing our products thoroughly before sale.  Any used engine we sell would either have been run tested or compression tested to make sure the unit is good to go before the sale.  Our run test is simple, we fire up the engine and let it run for 3-5 minutes while we listen to the function and test other components.  If a vehicle has an electrical  problem and cannot start, or is high mileage, we’ll do a compression test.  Compression tests or “comp tests” is a simple process of measuring the compression in the cylinders of engine.  If they read at appropriate levels, and all the cylinders are the same or similar, the product passes the test and is ready for sale.


We’re committed to having products ready for our customers as soon as possible.  We currently have nearly 1200 engines ready for sale.  Most of these products have been quality tested and are on the shelf ready for purchase.  Central Auto Parts is also a Team PRP Member and has created an extensive network of other salvage yards that we purchase from at huge discounts.  This allows us to provide nearly any product our customers need, at a great price, and within a reasonable time frame.

Peace of Mind

A Warranty is only as good as the company that provides it.  And our A+ Rating with the BBB and 40+ Years of tremendous service on warranty claims is a point of pride at Central Auto Parts.  We offer the highest level of service when processing claims and always stand by our warranty.  We offer a 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, our most commonly applied warranty, as well a Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty, or even just a 90 Day Labor Warranty to protect your purchase along with our standard parts warranty.  Our aim is to get you the right product with the perfect warranty to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a Used Engine or a Remanufactured Engine call our sales team today! Or you can start your search right here Search Recycled Engines


Full Service Salvage Yards VS Self Service Salvage Yards

Here's some notes to help consumers find the right type of salvage yard.

By Ben Silver - May 1, 2019

Not all Salvage Yards and Used Auto Parts providers carry and handle the same type of products.  We get calls all the time from customers looking for certain auto parts that we don’t carry or handle.  This blog will help guide you to the proper outlet when searching online or by phone for used auto parts.

Full Service Salvage Yards

Central Auto Parts is a “Full Service Auto Salvage Yard”.  This means that we do all the heavy lifting.  Our customers simply call us or search our online store for the recycled part that they need, and we pull the part and make it happen for the customer.  We have higher cost to process parts, since we remove, clean, prepare and distribute most of the parts we sell.  This makes it cost prohibitive to sell small, lower cost parts like cup holders, clips, trim pieces, etc.  Full Service Auto Recyclers like us are your best bet for quality and value on parts like engines, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, wheels, rear axles, air bags, speedometers, stereos and navigation units, and many of the body parts as well, like doors, trunk-lids, fenders, hoods, etc.  Full Service Yards will usually have a strong warranty and even offer extended and labor warranty options.

Self Service Salvage Yards or U-Pull It Salvage Yards

Self Service Salvage Yards are where you can go out into the yard, find the vehicle you’re working on, and remove the part you need.  If you’re pretty handy or even a mechanic, this might be a way for you to save some money on the parts you need.  Most “U-Pull It” yards don’t test for quality as rigorously as full service salvage yards and often have a short warranty period.

Hope this helps in your search for quality and value on your used auto parts.  Please call us today and let our Professional Sales Staff help guide the process for you.

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Quality Used Auto Parts in Denver!

Info on How We provide Quality Used Auto Parts in Denver.

By Ben Silver - April 24, 2019

Used Auto Parts Professionals

We’re dedicated to bringing the city of Denver the highest quality used auto parts and service in our sector.  Auto salvage or used auto parts can be a difficult product to deliver and meet customer expectations.  Wrecked vehicles come with many variables and sometimes hidden damage, but at Central we do our best to pay attention to detail and utilize the latest technology to get our customers the right used auto part the first time.

Used Auto Parts Quality Checks

We put our auto salvage vehicles and used parts through a 4-point quality process, using real time electronic inventory to catalogue all of our available used auto parts.  First, all of the used parts are inventoried using the latest tech on a tablet at the salvage vehicle.  Damage is assessed and noted on each part.  The wrecked vehicle details and mileage are inputed at this time as well.  Next, the salvage vehicle is dismantled.  This process requires our dismantlers to actually start and run the vehicle when possible, or do a compression test on the used engine if it won’t run or start.  This is how we test all of our used engines and used transmissions to ensure we’re delivering quality!  All of the fluids are removed and the engine and transmission are removed and now ready to sell. The rest of the salvage vehicle is checked once again to ensure the parts are inventoried properly.  When the part is sold to body shop, garage, dealership, etc., we remove the part and clean it, check it for accuracy and damage and stage it in a delivery area.  They final check is completed by our delivery drivers when they load the used auto part onto our delivery truck.  This process ensures that we’re providing top quality used and recycled auto parts to the professional repair industry.

Call our experienced and professional sales staff today to locate and order the used auto parts you need!