Life at a Salvage Yard - What happens to a wrecked vehicle?

Information on how salvage vehicles are processed and recycled.

By Ben Silver - January 15, 2020

Being in the used auto parts game has opened my eyes to the beauty of automotive recycling.  It's one of the few industries that recycles a huge percentage of the materials that they purchase.  I'm proud to say that Central Auto Parts does it's best to keep as much of the salvaged car or truck out of the waste stream as possible.  Here's a step-by-step process of what happens at the salvage yard and how a wrecked vehicle is recycled...

Step 1.  Vehicle is in a collision, too much damage to repair, so it's deemed a 'total loss'.
Step 2.  Insured and insurance company decide whether to send the vehicle to a salvage auction or the insured retains the vehicle to sell on their own.
Step 3.  Wrecked vehicle is purchased by the salvage yard, either through the insurance auction or through the insured consumer. (Click Here to Sell Your Car)
Step 4. The wrecked vehicle goes through the intake and inventory process at the salvage yard.  All of the valuable and sellable used auto parts are graded and electronically catalogued into our used auto parts inventory system.
Step 5. This is a big one...The wrecked vehicle has officially become a salvage vehicle.  It's off to be processed by one of our professional dismantlers.  All the hazardous fluids are drained, sold, or recycled.  Gas is used to power our fleet, oil is sold to be recycled into new motor oils and other uses, washer fluid, and everything else is captured and recycled. The engine, transmission, and a select few other auto parts will be removed and stocked in our warehouse.  The wheels and tires are removed to be sold and all of the suspension is loosened up for easy removal later.  The salvage vehicle is now a much lighter and it will be taken and safely placed in our salvage yard where it will remain for 9 months to a year.
Step 6.  Being a salvage vehicle isn't easy, you sit there day after day, parts pullers are picking and pulling all of the different used auto parts off of you to sell to eager customers.  This is the step where most of the used auto parts are harvested and delivered to our customers.
Step 7. End of life...Once the vehicle has run its course and had the time necessary to sell, we remove any of the 'core auto parts' that are left.  These are sold in bulk to company's that will recycle some of the components from these parts to create a remanufactured auto part.
Step 8.  Smash and Recycle! Now we get our heavy equipment out and smash the vehicle down and place it in a huge recycling bin to be taken to the steel processor.  At the steel processor, the vehicle will be shredded and the different metals will be organized and either melted down or sold to a smelter to complete the recycling process.

That's the skinny on recycling a vehicle, from "crash to crush".  I hope you found it interesting and helpful in some way.  Call us today for all your used auto parts needs and support the local recycling industry!

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Auto Salvage - Got Used Parts?

Quick Post on the Offerings of a Salvage Yard

By Ben Silver - December 18, 2019

Auto Salvage - Used Parts Offerings
Salvage yards are a great place to find all of the used auto parts you're looking for.  Most parts stores or outlets only sell mechanical parts or the body parts, but we have it all!

Mechanical Parts are a great value at the salvage yard because they can be so pricey to buy new from the dealership.  Check out all of these part types you can save big dollars on at the local salvage yard...

Rear Axles
Carrier Assembly
Transfer Case
Window Regulators
A/C Compressors
Steering Pumps 
Steering Gears
Rack and Pinions
ABS Pumps
Air Bags and Air Bag Components

Need used auto parts in the electrical category? We've got you covered....

Navigation Units
Window Switches
Engine Brain Box/ECU
Chassis Brain Box
Column Switchs

And of course, if you're in a collision and need a body part...

Roof Glass
Car Door Windows
Quarter Panels
Front Lamps

And much, much more! If you can see a used auto part on your car, chances are we're the salvage yard that can provide for you!  We deliver to the Denver Metro Area and Colorado Springs Daily, and have quick, effective logistics carriers for the whole state of Colorado.  We ship nationally a ton of used parts everyday.  Click Here to Search for Parts Now!


Used Auto Parts - Parts and Labor Warranty

Understanding Extended Warranty on Used Auto Parts

By Ben Silver - December 11, 2019

So, you're buying a used engine or used transmission and are curious about purchasing a Parts and Labor Warranty.  Great, these warranties aren't always a fit for our customers but they can be great insurance for your purchase and give you peace of mind as you drive your vehicle away from the shop.  Used engines and transmissions have about the same failure rate of remanufactured engines and transmissions, which is roughly 5%-7%.  So, they don't have defects that often, but when they do it can be quite costly.   No matter what warranty you have with Central Auto Parts, we'll process your claim quickly and fulfill our responsibility to the warranty 100% fo the time.

Parts Only Warranty VS Parts and Labor Warranty

When you're dealing with used auto parts, namely used engines and used transmissions, it's wise to protect the cost of labor on your purchase.  A Parts Only Warranty is only going to cover the engine or transmission in the case of a defect.  So, if the installation costs $1200-$2000, you would be out that cost without a Parts and Labor Warranty.  These defects or problems can occur at any time, and most Parts Only Warranty's will be around 90 or 100 days.  The Parts and Labor Warranty will generally extend the duration that your product and installation will be covered by a period of 1 Year to a Lifetime, depending on which option suits you.

The Parts and Labor Warranty

When a client or customer of ours purchases Parts and Labor coverage, they're protecting their investment in the used auto part they purchased.  This can be an investment of $900 on average for a used transmission or $1300 on average for a used engine, plus the cost of installation which often times cost more than the part itself.  This is an important and expensive investment in the future of your vehicle.  Our warranty covers any problems with the product we sell up on installation or for as long as the warranty is in place.  Our Parts and Labor Warranty's are reasonably priced to provide you with value and protection.

Claims Process

If a defect occurs, you simply open up a claim with your sales rep and we take immediate action to inspect and troubleshoot the problem.  Often times, our expertise can result in a quick repair that can get you down the road.  If the issue is major, we'll replace the product ASAP and get you or your professional repair shop reimbursed for the installation according to the warranty specifications.

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Auto Salvage Images Made Easy!

Central gives you access to pictures of every vehicle on the lot!

By Ben Silver - November 13, 2019

At Central Auto Parts, we take getting it right for our customers seriously.  One of the tools that we can use to help with this, is access to images to all the nearly 1000 vehicles we have in storage at our salvage yard in Denver.  This helps our customers identify the correct auto parts, check the used auto parts for damage, or to verify the color or other details of the used auto parts they're looking for.  

This blog aims to give you the basics on how to use this valuable tool to get a closer look at the used auto pars you've found online or are interested in calling us about.  Here's how it works...

From the home page, select the drop down menu labeled "Parts Search" and you'll see the option for "New Arrivals".  Click this option...

This will take you into our "New Arrivals" portal, which basically allows you to use any of our stock numbers to pull up a specific salvage vehicles images.  How do I get the stock number you might ask...good question.  You can obtain the stock number from doing a parts search on our website or from one of our sales people.  Enter the stock number here and click submit...

You'll be taken to another URL that will display all of the salvage vehicle images associated with that stock number.  You can look at most every used auto part on the vehicle and even on the interior.  Here's what you'll see...

We hope this was helpful in your search for used auto parts online! Click Here to return to our home page.  Give us a call today if you have any questions!

The Time For Used Auto Parts is Now!

Buying used auto parts has never been easier or more important.

By Ben Silver - November 13, 2019

Facts about OEM Used Auto Parts...
  • Nothing fits better than OEM parts.
  • Used Auto Parts cost 50%-60% less than new parts
  • Used engines and transmissions have a similar failure rate to remanufactured parts.
  • No replacement auto part is more envrionmentally freindly than used auto parts.
  • Used auto parts are available to all repair shops and consumers.
  • Used auto parts can even be purchased online.
Start your search for Top Quality Used Parts by Clicking Here or calling our Sales Hotline at 720-922-7827!