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How to Buy Used Auto Parts Online

By Ben Silver - August 28, 2019

If you've navigated the internet in search of used auto parts, you've most likely came across a web store or online system to purchase parts directly from a salvage yard.  This post is to give you some basic information on using the online store at to locate and order the used auto parts you're looking for from a professional auto salvage yard.

Finding Used Auto Parts Online

From our home page, you'll need to first click the button on the top of the page for "Parts Search" which will give you option for "Search Used Parts".  Click that to begin searching our inventory for the parts you need.

There are multiple options to begin your search, the most popular method is searching by vehicle first and then searching for the used auto parts you need.  Enter your vehicle information (Year, Make, and Model) into the drop down menus on the left center of your browser screen. Now, select the used auto part you need from the menu below the vehicle information.  Now, you'll be able to search our entire salvage yards inventory by simply clicking the "Search Button"

Understanding Search Results

First, critical step is clicking the correct box on the left of the screen under "Filter By Application".  This will filter out all of the used auto parts that won't fit your vehicle and leave you with a select group of used auto parts that you can choose from.  You can also filter by part condition and even year if you'd like to select a used part of the exact same year.

You also see notes, a stock number, color and other information about the part in the center of the screen.  You will also see an image from our vehicle record.  It may not be an image of the exact part, but you can click on the image to pull up all of the salvage vehicle images of the vehicle you need to see.

Shipping and Warranty Drop Down Menu's

To the right of the screen, you will see two drop down menu's.  One is to add Shipping to the used auto part order and the other is to add a warranty onto your used auto.  Simply click the drop down and select your option.  If you select pickup, you will not be charged shipping or freight and the product must be picked up at our facility in Denver.

Purchase the Used Auto Parts

Now, just "Add to Cart" and the order will be created.  All that's left to do is review your information, add your shipping info, and select your method of payment.  Purchasing used auto parts online has never been easier! IF you have questions or run into a road block, give us a call and we'll be sure to help you out.

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