Why Buy Used Auto Parts from Central Auto Parts?

Some of the basics on why our customers love us and the used auto parts we provide!

By Careen Espanola - December 11, 2020

Central Auto Parts have been in the salvage yard business for years and we never failed to deliver topnotch quality used auto parts to our valued clients. Central Auto Parts advocates in saving the environment while helping you save on your auto repairs. 

Central Auto Parts guarantees to provide used auto parts of the highest quality to our loyal automotive professional partners and customers. We offer our clients a lot of options to help them gain better prices on their repairs without compromising quality. 

So, why choose to buy used auto parts from us?

High-Quality Used Auto Parts

Consistent Used Auto Parts Quality

Used auto parts project various quality and safety issues to consumers that takes them back from purchasing. Unseen damages and functional issues are the most common problems when opting for used car parts. However, Central Auto Parts is all about quality and safety before quantity. 

Central Auto Parts have a pristine quality control system that ensures every piece we sell is of great quality. We are a team of professional recyclers that gained expertise through our years of experience and passion to deliver practical and efficient used auto parts. 

Used Auto Parts With Reliable Warranties

Central Auto Parts understand the risks of buying used auto parts. As part of our effort to extend ease of purchase with us, we formulated a strong warranty policy. Central Auto Parts gives at least a 90-day warranty to our clients. This is to ensure that the used auto parts our clients purchased such as engines and transmission runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently. 

Used Auto Parts At A Reasonable Price

Central Auto Parts has a systematic pricing strategy that renders the cheapest used auto parts prices possible. Thus, we only opt for delivering high-quality used auto parts at a competitive price. 

Saving Money While Saving The Planet

What could be better than saving money on your car repairs while simultaneously saving the planet? Central Auto Parts goes above and beyond just to ensure that our operation does not harm the environment. We extend an outright effort to safely dispose of our wash bay water, significantly reduce water usage, and render ZERO drainage oil or solvents. Central Auto Parts are lovers of nature. We are a dynamic team that innovates to help keep the planet safe from pollution. 

Knowledgeable and Friendly Sales Staff

Our sales team is our front liners in the business. They are the ones to face our everyday clients and deal with daily business operations. Thus, Central Auto Parts equip our sales staff with adequate knowledge to cater to all the issues, questions, and demands of our valued customers. Our sales staff can answer every question you have regarding used auto parts. 

Wide-Range of Used Auto Parts

Central Auto Parts consistently update inventories to deliver a wide array of used auto parts in the market. Our aim is to deliver used auto parts to our clients from our own inventories to extend convenience, time-efficiency, and affordability. 

Old and Obsolete Used Auto Parts

Central Auto Parts understands the struggle of finding a car part that suits your 10 to 15 year-old car.  So, we allot effort in salvaging old cars from different years to cater to the specific needs of our customers. Thus, if you are looking for a replacement for your 10-year-old auto, Central Auto Parts houses used auto parts from old car models. 

Not Your Typical Salvage Yard

Whenever someone hears the word salvage yard, grease, oil, dirt, and smell are the first things that come to mind. Central Auto Part’s sales office is not even close to that. For our valued sales staff to become more productive and for our clients to feel comfortable during their visit, we built an environment conducive for making transactions. 

Central Auto Parts is not your typical used auto part supplier. We take pride in what we do and our experiences and drive placed us at the forefront of the industry. We are a trusted company that delivers quality used auto parts and a lot of savings!

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