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Finding Auto Parts at Junkyards!

Careen Espanola - January 6, 2021

Central Auto Parts is one of the credible salvaged part suppliers in Colorado. Some might call us a junkyard, but we prefer more endearing terms like salvage yard.  Quality used auto parts are hard to spot and identify. When you buy salvaged auto parts, several factors need to be evaluated to ensure you are buying a used auto part in good condition.  

In this article, we will give you some important tips to help you know what to look for and what to expect when buying used auto parts. 

Salvaged Sheet Metal

Sheet metal makes up the car doors, fenders, hoods, and other parts that are prone to corrosion, stress cracking, and impact damage. Buying a salvaged sheet metal will need a thorough examination for quality assurance. Most junkyards won't go to the trouble!

As experts in the salvage business industry, Central Auto Parts extends an extra effort to give our clients a clear understanding of sheet metals to help them know what’s best.

There are three classifications to know the level of quality of your salvaged sheet metal: type A/B/C. Type “A” is the highest standard almost close to a brand new part. Type A salvaged sheet metals have minimal wear and s tiny ding or dent but the overall quality is almost good as new. 

Type “B” has mediocre quality with 2 to 3 dents and some wear and tear. Type B salvaged sheet metal is still considered to have good standards and usable condition and mostly bought by insurance companies and body shops. 

Type “C”, on the other hand, have more dents and wear but can still be very useful. Type “C” is a perfect option for our clients on a budget. It may not look as pristine as type A and B but it still delivers its intended function. This would be considered more of a junkyard quality part.

Salvaged Mechanical Parts

Salvaged mechanical parts are the engines, transmissions, rear axles, and the likes. Buying salvaged mechanical parts needs several evaluations to assess their condition and function. 

Central Auto Parts conduct a thorough process in evaluating mechanical parts for quality control. What to look for when buying salvaged mechanical parts? The total mileage, mileage per model year, testing, and warranty are the essential factors you must closely look at. 

The mileage per model year is an important aspect often overlooked by many clients. It is as important as assessing the total mileage of the vehicle. This factor projects a clear view of how the engine ran over the course of time it was used. 

A mechanical part driven for more than 15,000 miles is already considered a class “B” condition regardless of its total miles and years it was used. However, mechanical parts that garnered less than 15,000 miles are considered class “A” unless if it has some minor damages and issues.

Additionally, if you purchase used auto parts from salvage yards or even junkyards, it is ideal to have them tested. Another way to know whether if the used mechanical auto part is running smoothly if it has been tested right after the collision. 

Another thing to look at when purchasing used mechanical auto part is the warranty. It will ensure your peace of mind if in any case the engine or transmission has hidden damages that can’t be determined during the testing period. 

Salvaged Electrical Parts

The car’s radios, windows switches, window regulators, and control modules are the electrical parts that are commonly salvaged. When you purchase salvaged electrical parts, it is best to check for a warranty. 

There are several salvaged electrical part vendors that do not offer any warranty for salvaged auto electrical parts. On a brighter note, Central Auto Parts give our valued customers a 90-day warranty on all our used auto parts. 

Our business operations are on par with the reputation we uphold in the field. We want to give our every client satisfactory services and the highest quality used auto parts in Colorado. So don't call us a junkyard! We're here to provide quality used auto parts and nothing less!

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