Quality Control - Used Engines and Used Transmissions

How to ensure you're selling quality engines and transmissions

By Careen Espanola - March 3, 2021

Engines and transmissions account for almost 50% of the salvage yard revenue stream. The demand for engines and transmissions is higher in contrast to other used auto parts. With that said, quality control, testing, and proper inventory are crucial for Central Auto Parts to deliver top-notch, fully-functional, and safe salvaged engines and transmissions to end-users. 

Although recycled auto parts are often paired with defective unreliable notions. However, that’s true to other recyclers who do not extend an effort in ensuring high-quality salvage auto parts in Colorado. On the brighter note, Central Auto Parts advocates providing customers with cost-effective salvage auto parts that actually work. 

Our goal to promote used auto parts to help save money and the environment. We show our appreciation to our clients who join our cause. Hence, as much as possible, we extend outright effort to deliver excellent quality salvage auto parts to our valued environmental-conscious clients. One step at a time, Central Auto Parts is changing the world’s negative perception of used auto parts into planet-healing, money-saving, and safe-driving notions. 

How We Test Engines and Transmissions to Ensure Quality?
Used Engines and Used Transmission Quality Testing


Our trained professional dismantler will get the engine running to see possible defects and problems regardless of the condition of the car. This process is critical in properly labeling the salvaged engine or used transmission. This is the part where our professional dismantler will know whether or not the used engine or salvaged transmission will pass quality control. 

Typically, our expert dismantler will closely examine the used engine or transmission for imperfections by thoroughly listening when the recycled engine is running and perform a hot compression test. Hot compression test helps our dismantler identify the used transmission or used engine can still deliver.  

Recycled Engine Compression Testing

On the other hand, for ransmissions and engines that gained severe impact that earned some electrical damage, our professional dismantler will run a cold compression test. It is a manual testing strategy where our experienced dismantler connects the electrical starting components to an external power source. 

After, our dismantler will manipulate the ignition sequence to produce compression within the valves. Then our trained staff will be able to determine the valve’s and ring’s conditions by calculating the pressure amount building in the valves. This method is essential in our quality control operation. We ensure that every valve is working seamlessly. However, if one valve fails to work properly, we label the salvaged engine as defective and schedule for repairs. 

Used Transmission Testing

Transmission testing is a tricky task. Transmission testing can’t be accomplished if the vehicle is not running. It is one of the most challenging steps in our quality control operations. Typically, Central Auto Parts will run transmission testing using the lift and run it through first gear, second gear, and reverse. It will help us know if the transmission is actually transferring power from the engine to the axles. 

While transmission has a slightly higher possibility to fail than engines, we at Central Auto Parts extend more effort in assuring that the used transmission has no internal problems. Thus, after we remove the transmission from the vehicle, we remove the oil pan and look for signs of invisible problems. 

Used transmission issues such as a large number of shavings are a clear-cut sign of damage. Moreover, if we spot some irregularities in the transmission fluid such as dark colors and odors, we send the salvage transmission for repairs.

Central Auto Parts engine and transmission testing method is strategically designed to effectively know the exact condition of the used car part as possible. If your current recyclers fail to do crucial methods like this, it is best to look for a more reliable salvage yard. Safety is the foremost priority when it comes to using salvaged engines and transmission. Thus, never settle for mediocre service and quality. 

Central Auto Parts got into this business to promote used car part recycling and less expensive auto repairs. We also offer a 90-Day Warranty for our clients to have ease of mind making transactions with us. Lastly, we are confident that our used engines and salvage transmissions are of top notch condition, so, one-year, three-year, or even lifetime parts and labor warranties were made available for our valued clients. Central Auto Parts guarantee first-rate salvage auto parts quality, hence, we aren’t afraid to cover your vehicle needs and repairs for the long haul. 

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