Little Known Facts About Used Auto Parts and Salvage Yards

Info on some of the less publicized benefits of used auto parts from salvage yards

By Ben Silver - May 6, 2022

1. Used Auto Parts are just as good as new OEM Parts in many ways
Most of the time used auto parts will be exactly the same as a brand new part in fit and durability.  Take a used auto body part like a car door or fender.  If the car door is in good shape, it will fit exactly the same as the brand new one.  Once it is installed, it isn't any different in appearance or how long you can expect it to last.  The best part of this is...wait for it...the used auto part will cost 40%-50% less than the new one.  It also won't require you or your mechanic to swap over internal parts or panels.  This saves time and money as well.  Mechanical used auto parts like engines and transmissions will have some miles and wear, so in this regard, they're not as durable as a new engine or transmission.  But the fit will be exactly and brand new engines and transmissions aren't feasible because they're so expensive.  The other alternative would be a remanufactured engine or transmission, and these have a similar defect rate upon install as a used auto part.  We're happy to offer you a great deal on remanufactured engines and remanufactures transmissions in addition to the vast selection of used auto parts we carry.  All these parts can be delivered to Colorado Springs very quickly upon order.

2. Used Auto Parts come with a great warranty, and you can get more robust warranty cover if you'd like. There's a myth that used auto parts don't have a warranty, and if they don't work then you're out of luck.  This couldn't be further from the truth, as long as you're working with a professional salvage yard like Central Auto Parts Colorado Springs.  All of our parts come with very solid 90 Day Warranty on the part.  We stand by our parts and if we sell you a bad part or you're not satisfied, then we'll replace it or refund you.  On our mechanical parts, we also offer labor warranties and extended warranties to make sure we get you the warranty coverage that you're most comfortable with.  We can do 1 Year Parts and Labor, 3 Year Parts and Labor, or even cover the part for a Lifetime! We offer these same warranty coverage options without labor as well.

3.  You don't have to go to a junkyard to get used auto parts in Colorado Springs! There are plenty of professional salvage yards and automotive recyclers to serve your needs.  Look for salvage yards in Colorado Springs that are members of Team PRP, URG, and ARA.  Make sure the salvage yard you're dealing with offers a warranty on all types of used auto parts and has been around for more than a few years.  A good salvage yard, like Central Auto Parts Colorado Springs, will be able to provide you the used auto part, whether in local inventory or from a trading partner, and warranty options along with great service.  Call us today and let us help you find the used auto parts you need!

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