Why Customers Choose Central Auto Parts for Used Auto Parts

Some reasons why our used auto parts and service stand out from the competition

Careen Espanola - July 1, 2022

Avoid the Junkyards and Seek Professional Automotive Recyclers

Typically, a customer would buy used auto parts from a trusted salvage yard to ensure they’re buying quality used car parts. They may also aim to make the most of the cash they are going to spend. Some buy auto salvage and used auto parts from any yards that have what they need available at the moment, without regard to reputation or quality of parts and service. While some, just simply choose the one that offers the cheapest price. So, why buy used auto parts from Central Auto Parts?

In short, Central Auto Parts is a trusted, accredited, and long tenured salvage yard. We offer nothing short of top-quality used car parts and high levels of service at every turn. 

Consistent Used Auto Part Quality

Central Auto Parts is a trusted salvage yard. We offer nothing short of top-quality used car parts. Our outright system to check the quality of unseen damages that can be overlooked ensures the consistent quality of our products. We are meticulous in our inventory management so we can maintain a high standard of quality used auto parts. Our staff consists of professional recyclers that understand how to communicate used auto parts conditions through the various means we have available. You won’t find this level of quality at the typical junkyard.

Strong Warranties for Used Engines and Transmissions

As part of our customer service, we understand the risks of buying used mechanical parts like engines, transmissions, rear axles, etc. So, we offer our clients the best warranty possible in the auto recycling industry.  We have a Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty available for purchase if that level of coverage is sought by our customers.  Standard, we provide a 90-day warranty on all our mechanical parts such as engines and transmission and have extended warranties of 1, 2, and 3 years with full parts and labor coverage available.  Most junkyards only offer 30 day warranties, or may even sell some products “as is” with no warranty at all.

Auto Salvage Sold at Competitive Prices 

Central Auto Parts value our customer's money. We want to give them the best price possible for quality used auto parts. Our inventories are systematically re-priced according to the standard pricing of the moment. As much as we can, we want our clients to get the best used auto parts at reasonable prices.  You may be able to find cheap used parts at junkyards, but you will get what you pay for.

We Recycle Auto Parts for the Environment

We go above and beyond just to save the environment from automotive salvage waste. Or at least, not contribute to any more environmental damage and wastage. We abide by the law of the government agencies to make sure we are not releasing any pollutants into our environment. Central Auto Parts utilize every technology to recycle water in the wash bay. Our goal is to reduce water usage and emit ZERO drainage of oils and solvents into the environment.

Well-Trained and Courteous Sales Staff at Central Auto Parts

Our sales staff are well-trained and knowledgeable of the work they do in the auto salvage industry. Each of our sales staff undergoes a 12-week training so they can provide quality customer assistance. We have a rigorous training program to ensure our staff can help every customer that calls into the shop find the correct used auto part, at the best price, in the time frame that they need. 

Complete Used Car Parts Inventory

Central Auto Parts constantly purchases salvage vehicles to increase and expand our inventory of used auto parts. Some junkyards are just getting a few cars here and there from tow yards, and buying most of the parts they sell from other junkyards.  We control most of our own supply chain by buying over a hundred wrecked cars and trucks every month.  This gives us a huge inventory or used auto parts from salvage vehicles in our salvage yard to sell from. As much as we can, we provide our customers with the car and truck parts they need from our local inventory. It is to ensure that the quality is excellent and not what you find at the typical junkyard. 


Leader in Automotive Recycling

Central Auto Parts is a leader when it comes to auto recycling. Whether shopping from Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, or Denver, we are the best at what we do and we add value to the used auto parts we sell by  how we treat our customers and the environment. Shopping with us means quality customer service, top-notch used car and truck parts, strong warranties, amazing sales staff, environmental-friendly practices, and wide-range of inventory all for reasonable prices. So don’t shop the junkyards, shop Central Auto Parts and you’ll be happy you did!

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