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By Ben Silver - June 8, 2016

Team PRP is a nationwide association of independent automotive recyclers, or salvage yards.  But it is not just any association, it is a group of the largest, most progressive, and best auto salvage yards in the country.  There are nearly 140 salvage yards in Team PRP.  The PRP stands for “Premium Recycled Parts” because that is what we sell.  Only the top salvage yards in the country are recruited to be a part of Team PRP, so when you’re buying from a Team PRP salvage yard, you know you will get quality used parts, good service, and a great warranty.

Team PRP salvage yards in Denver, and across the country, work together to provide customers with low cost replacement parts.  Team PRP yards trade a significant amount of product and have purchasing partnerships to help us share inventory and provide customers with the used parts they need fast.  When you contact Central Auto Parts or another Team PRP salvage yard in the Denver area, we will be probing each others inventory to make the process easy for you.

Team PRP salvage yards are also some of the premier buyers of junk cars in the country as well. Anytime you have top-notch automotive recyclers and salvage yards, they will be consumers best option when selling a junk car.  Wrecked vehicles are the lifeblood of our inventory, and without junk trucks and cars we don’t have used auto parts to sell.

So if you’re looking for used auto parts in Denver, or Colorado, or anywhere in the country, turn to your local Team PRP salvage yard.  You are certain to be happy with results and you’re vehicle will be back on the road in no time.  Central Auto Parts is very proud to be a member of Team PRP and Denver’s leader in used auto parts.

Ben Silver is the CEO of Central Auto Parts and acting President of the Colorado Automotive Recyclers.  When he's not "auto blogging" or pushing Central Auto Parts to new heights, he's chasing his young daughter around the house or tying flies for the next great fishing adventure.

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