Recycled Engines - Great Quality and Value

How to purchased used engines and what to look for.

By Ben Silver - May 15, 2019

Used Engines & Recycled Engines

Central Auto Parts has a huge selection of used engines at our Denver location.  Like most used auto parts, recycled engines are sold at a huge discount vs new or remanufactured parts.  And there is no lack of quality in recycled engines either, which have a defect rate that is very similar to new and remanufactured engines.

Quality You've Come to Expect

At Central, we ensure quality through testing our products thoroughly before sale.  Any used engine we sell would either have been run tested or compression tested to make sure the unit is good to go before the sale.  Our run test is simple, we fire up the engine and let it run for 3-5 minutes while we listen to the function and test other components.  If a vehicle has an electrical  problem and cannot start, or is high mileage, we’ll do a compression test.  Compression tests or “comp tests” is a simple process of measuring the compression in the cylinders of engine.  If they read at appropriate levels, and all the cylinders are the same or similar, the product passes the test and is ready for sale.


We’re committed to having products ready for our customers as soon as possible.  We currently have nearly 1200 engines ready for sale.  Most of these products have been quality tested and are on the shelf ready for purchase.  Central Auto Parts is also a Team PRP Member and has created an extensive network of other salvage yards that we purchase from at huge discounts.  This allows us to provide nearly any product our customers need, at a great price, and within a reasonable time frame.

Peace of Mind

A Warranty is only as good as the company that provides it.  And our A+ Rating with the BBB and 40+ Years of tremendous service on warranty claims is a point of pride at Central Auto Parts.  We offer the highest level of service when processing claims and always stand by our warranty.  We offer a 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, our most commonly applied warranty, as well a Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty, or even just a 90 Day Labor Warranty to protect your purchase along with our standard parts warranty.  Our aim is to get you the right product with the perfect warranty to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a Used Engine or a Remanufactured Engine call our sales team today! Or you can start your search right here Search Recycled Engines

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